3D Long Stem Premade Volume Lash Fans | D Curl | 0.07

3D Long Stem Premade Volume Lash Fans | D Curl | 0.07

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Here at BossLash we carry Premade Long Stem Fans (Narrow fans) and Regular Premade fans. But what’s the difference? And what kind of sets can you make with each?

Premade Long Stem Fans help to create the dark, dense look you see in thick lashes. Great for volume and mega volume. We offer 3D and 6D! Our Premade Long Stem come in 360 fans and 120 fans.

Regular fans, which you can find at BossLash,  give your sets that fluffy look. 

BossLash 3D Long Stem Premade Volume Lash Fans can improve the speed of your application and the quality of finish which means more time for more clients!

Exciting News, all our eyelash extension supplies offer Genopay, meaning you can create mega volume now & pay later for 10 times interest free!

  • Best Value 320 Premade Fans
  • Available in 3D and 6D long stem premade fans.
  • Heat Bonded.
  • Highest Quality Korean PBT. Easy to remove from the strip – no lash breakage or falling apart.
  • Amazing value. Time-saving. Beautifully create natural to mega volume in minutes
  • Foil backing ensuring each line peels off easily.  
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan-friendly